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Carol Wilder and Charlotte Lindsey collaborated to produce a site specific cast concrete sculpture for Kay Granger Park in North Richland Hills, TX. The park is on the grounds of Mullendore Elementary School and is used by the students at recess and the community at all other times. It is also in close proximity to Dan Echols Senior Adult Center. The park is named for Congresswoman Kay Granger.
The collaborative sculpture group consists of 5 elements, 2 "walls" and 3 small stools. The two walls are approximately 5 feet long, one curves in an arch, the other curves in a serpentine fashion. Both walls are 12 inches wide and the tops slant slightly, giving the two a tumbling, curvilinear movement, reminiscent of a twisting slide. They are separated by a 4 ft. space, but connect with an implied line of tile, colors, and other elements, as well as the height of the two walls at the separation. The lowest part of the walls is 2.5 ft., the highest point is 5 ft. Both walls have 2 large holes for interaction, and small "peep" holes. The 3 stools are varying height between 7 inches and 19 inches.

All surfaces have ceramic tile and flat glass marbles adhered to the surface in various colors which are installed in a variety of linear movements of spirals, zigzags, and loops around the tops, ends and sides. The entire surface is covered with a white concrete resurfacing material, which also serves as a grout for the tile.

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