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Texas on the Air: 1920-1959 Texas on the Air: 1960-1999

Eighty years of radio and television broadcasting is interpreted in these two canvases: 1920-1959 and 1960-1999. The first canvas includes the early years of radio development and ends with the beginnings of television. The second canvas chronicles the transformation of television technology and the changing nature of radio from the 1960's through the end of the 1990's. Both canvases include pertinent historical events in Texas and the nation recorded by the broadcasting industry. They also incorporate aspects of various Texas communities that have benefited from the broadcasting industry.

In both canvases the blue green area outside the color areas is embellished with an abstracted pattern of radio studio acoustic insulation. Within the color areas is a background of type transfered from magazines. This provides a background texture which emulates the reading of news and other community information broadcasters have performed over the decades.

Through the symbolism and imagery of these two murals we have attempted to represent the goal of Texas Association of Broadcasters; to support Texas broadcasters, educate the public concerning the history and importance of this industry, and celebrate the freedom of radio and television speech.

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